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Bill and Melinda Gates and post-Gray Divorce life

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce has been a hot topic in the news over the past year as many celebrities and famous couples have announced their intent to divorce or finalized their divorces. Though, the divorce recently announced between Bill and Melinda Gates has brought up questions about how to navigate dating and life after a “gray divorce.”

Gray divorce?

For those that have not heard of the term, Gray Divorce, it refers to divorced between older couples, usually aged 50 and above, though, sometimes, the age is 62 and older. These divorces are unique from other divorces as they are almost always complicated with years of entwined assets and retirement accounts, combined with less time to reaccumulate wealth to survive retirement alone. Plus, as this is a more recent phenomenon, how to navigate life, especially dating, after a gray divorce, is a fairly recent hot topic.

Dating apps?

For those dating after a gray divorce, especially wealthy individuals, like Bill and Melinda Gates, experts largely agree that avoiding dating apps is a good idea. Instead, they recommend finding potential suiters from within their own social circles and avoid people with whom they are completely unfamiliar.

Taking time to grieve

Gray divorcees should expect a grieving process and not jump into anything new immediately. The couple was likely together for, perhaps, decades, and parting after that much time will induce a grieving process. Lean in, and give it time to pass. Experts cite to research that found that waiting at least a year or more before getting back into a serious relationship is the healthiest move.

Focus on other things

During the grieving process, focus on what matters, like children and grandchildren. Picking up a hobby or putting more energy into passion projects and philanthropy can also help, including widening the pool of potential mates that one can connect with over shared passions.

The point is, that for Houston, Texas, residents thinking about a gray divorce, there is after it. One should not stay in an unhealthy and unhappy marriage simply because it is all they have ever known or they are comfortable with their misery. Life can be fulfilling again. Just call a lawyer.