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Suzanne is a tough, strong, an understanding attorney who made me always feel comfortable and informed. She is very thorough in her explanations of the whole process, and really cares about her clients. Til this day she continues to help me with any issues that may arise. She is great at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Very beautiful as well.


I highly recommend Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe. She is a lawyer that understands that during tough times a person needs a confident and competent lawyer to not only represent them but also to take the time to explain exactly what the process is from start to finish. I found her to be extremely strong in areas that involve children and family disputes. She puts things into action from the moment you meet her. I am also very impressed with her office staff, in particular Janie. She is very personable and kept me informed through the entire process. Thank you to both of you so much! K


I feel like Mrs. Radcliffe was the only person on my side. It’s never easy to be in a situation where you need a lawyer but she kept me informed promptly and I was very pleased with her service.

A client

Hands down she is one of the best around it not the best. After hundreds and hundreds of wasted money in legal fees with other attorneys; Susan was finally the key attorney to solve all our problems. She is informative, reasonable, reliable and knows her job well. She has your best interest at heart and will do whatever she can to get everything to work in your favor. If your are seeking a Family Attorney, she is definitely the person for the job.


Attorney Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe guided me through a challenging chapter in my life. Following her advice and strategy, my outcome worked-out better than i’d anticipated. I’m certain her experience as a former sitting-court judge, played a role.

This is from a very satisfied (and somewhat difficult, demanding) client.


Ms. Radcliffe was phenomenal!! She made a tough situation easy! The knowledge she had about the process and her communication to me were outstanding. I was always made aware of what was going on in my case in a timely manner and given a heads up of what to expect.


Suzanne was amazing! She made a tough situation a lot easier to deal with. She made me aware of everything that was going to happen and she was compassionate and understand too.


Ms. Radcliffe is technically solid and a fierce attorney. You is prompt to respond to e-mails and keeps you informed on the status of your case. I have worked with several attorneys throughout my life and she is by far the best attorney that I have ever employed. I would highly recommend her for family legal issues.


Ms. Radcliffe has represented me several times in a custody matter and each time I have had the pleasure to work with her, she and her staff have been very responsive, friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend her and her firm to anyone seeking an attorney in her field. Additionally, her fees are very reasonable. She advises her clients to do what she believes is best and avoids stringing her clients out in order to make an extra buck. She continues to stay in touch with me in order to make sure that things are still running smoothly and she very much values “service after the sale”.


Suzanne did an amazing job representing me for my divorce. She was helpful in explaining the process, the documents needed and timelines. She got everything done in record time. There were no un-necessary charges. I would highly recommend her!


I want to say thanks for all that Suzanne done for me and my child custody battle. She went and fought what was right for me and stuck by her guns on what she said and would do for me. Not a big fan on attorneys, but this one was the best that I ever dealt with. Great job Suzanne!!! I will recommend her to any of my friends!!!


Suzanne Radcliffe handled my divorce with such professionalism and was so attentive of my case the entire time, that I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Robert Quiroz Jr. 

I was with an attorney for 10 months who made such gross errors that I was told they could not be rectified. Suzanne took my case and not only resolved it in my favor, but closed the divorce in approx. 60 days. Suzanne treated me like a family member and spoke to me with care and concern. Their gestures were genuine and truly helped me go through something as difficult as a divorce.

Colleen Kimball 

Both Suzanne & her staff were very helpful and professional during my very difficult divorce. I had a bad experience with my former attorney and the Law Office of Suzanne Radcliffe made a big difference. I became so close to Suzanne during this time because of the way I was treated that I can definitely say I would even welcome them into my own home.

Dianne Treptow

Suzanne, thanks a lot for your help with the divorce process. It gives me a lot of pleasure sharing with you that my divorce got finalized and I am done with the nightmare and my now ex-wife also flew out of the country. Thanks a lot Venus and the team for working on my case. Keep doing the great work helping other people with your service.

Harshal Parikh