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Representation In Custody And Support Matters

Protecting the rights and interests of each parent in a child custody dispute is very important. Texas presumes every child needs both parents and will benefit from having both parents in their life. There are some exceptions to this presumption.

At my firm, The Law Offices of Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe, PLLC, I will evaluate your case and tell you my opinion of the realistic outcome of your case, considering all your circumstances, and what your best options are. I can advise you of the costliness of custody disputes so you can make an informed decision.

How We Evaluate Your Case

I will take the time to advise clients about temporary custody and visitation orders, mediation of parent-child issues, and the negotiation or litigation of contested custody issues.

Unfortunately, sometimes one parent may have to file an enforcement action against the other parent. I can advise you on the best way to approach this, regardless of whether you are the one trying to enforce the order or the one defending your position.

Child Support Challenges

I can answer your questions and give you practical advice regarding child support, paternity and wage withholding. In most cases, the Texas Child Support Guidelines will apply, but there are some exceptions.

I can also help you with an increase or decrease from your previous amount ordered, help you get a child support order that is legally enforceable or file or defend contempt actions for back child support. You need to know that an “agreement” is unenforceable unless it is done via a court order. Most people do not know that sometimes money paid to another parent does not count as “child support.”

If you are the paying parent (obligor) and you have had a decrease in pay or lost your job, keep in mind that your current child support obligation will continue to accumulate until changed by court order.

Also, if you are the parent receiving child support (obligee) and the other parent gets a significant raise in pay, your child will not benefit until your order is modified. Please note that verbal agreements are not enforceable. You must modify the prior order with the court in order for changes to take effect.

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