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Peace Of Mind

Here at The Law Offices of Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe, PLLC, I have been helping Texas clients with their estate planning and probate needs for decades. My office will help you and your loved one prepare a will for each of you considering your wishes and directives. You don’t want the state dividing your property when you are gone; you want to make sure you have a will in place so that matters can be distributed with little court intervention.

My law office can also prepare living wills, medical power of attorney, power of attorney and medical directive documents; so if you ever need them in an emergency, you are prepared. I can also probate a will for you and guide you through the court process so that all assets can be distributed without legal complications.

When You Need A Guardianship

Two primary situations call for the need for guardianship. The first is when a minor child’s parent passes. When the parents of a child pass on without a guardianship in place, the government often decides who will look after them. You can avoid the uncertainty by appointing a guardian for your children if you should pass away or otherwise become incapacitated.

The other time a guardianship may be necessary is when an elderly or disabled adult can no longer manage their own needs. If your parent becomes unfit to care for themselves, you may need to obtain guardianship over them. Alternatively, if you are looking after an adult already, you may need to appoint a guardian for when you may no longer be able to look after your ward.

I know how to help protect your loved ones through guardianship and offer you peace of mind, knowing that your ward (the person a guardian looks after) will get the care they need.

Begin Preparing For Tomorrow

There is no telling what tomorrow may bring, which is why we need to take today to get ready for anything. For a free initial consultation on your estate, probate and guardianship issues, contact my office by calling 832-500-3975 or emailing me here. I look forward to earning the opportunity to help you and your loved ones.