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Dedicated And Experienced Divorce Representation

When you are facing divorce, you need an attorney who is prepared to fight in court and outside the courtroom. But it is also important to prioritize what you want to fight for because litigation can be very costly. At my firm, The Law Offices of Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe, PLLC, I have the ability to litigate effectively in court, but I also understand that communication with the client at every step of the divorce process is equally critical to determine the best means of reaching their goals.

I understand that every client comes to me with a unique situation, and I work to understand your individual needs. What is important to one client may not be as important to the next. You should know what you may or may not get if you take your case to court, negotiate or use some type of alternative dispute resolution.

How I Help My Clients

One necessary strength of a divorce practice lies in the ability to work effectively with clients. My office can help you define your objectives, and I also develop the strategies most likely to achieve them through negotiation, mediation or trial. I can help you resolve less contentious issues as well. If both parties agree to the terms of a proposed order, I can facilitate a quicker and less expensive resolution to your case.

Divorce Decree Enforcements

Your divorce decree may need to be enforced in the future, so you need to make sure your decree is drafted to give you the ability to enforce it through the court system.

There are usually many closing documents that need to be prepared by an attorney to effectuate the property division in your case. My law firm can help you with this process too and prepare the documents for you.

Trust In A Compassionate Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make in their divorce is trying to get through it without the guidance of an experienced attorney. Make sure you are defending your future with the representation of a lawyer you can trust.

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