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Protecting Your Future With Marital And Premarital Agreements

People often have a false opinion of marital agreements, thinking it is a sign of mistrust in a couple. Marital and premarital agreements are simply a safety net to protect the best interests of BOTH parties involved, and they may be able to help you as well.

I am attorney Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe, and I have been helping couples with their marital needs for decades. At The Law Offices of Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe, PLLC, I have built a career of guiding my clients to a future they can look forward to, while also being financially protected.

How A Marital Agreement Can Help You

A marital agreement offers couples a safety net for their future. It can help protect what each spouse owned before they married, reduce the complexity and cost of a possible divorce, offer peace of mind, and ensure beneficiaries receive the inheritance they deserve. A martial agreement’s purpose is to allow couples to make serious decisions in a calm and composed manner, rather than struggle with them in the middle of a divorce.

The Benefits Of A Premarital Agreement

Establishing a mutual agreement before marriage offers a lot of benefits as well. These agreements can help protect business assets, safeguard spouses from debt they did not accrue, and establish and clarify any family financial agreements between spouses.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Extra Safety Measures

If you are facing complicated family situations like income differences, significant one-sided debt, children from previous relationships, or if either spouse wants to secure their estate, you may be able to settle things before they become an issue with a marital or premarital agreement.

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